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Webtrekks Q3 web analytics solution enables online marketing managers to focus marketing spend and optimization efforts where they will have the most impact by providing a data driven overview of all online marketing and acquisition efforts. Large amounts of data are presented in an easy to understand format for immediate and accurate marketing decisions based on comparing all forms of disparate variables in any time frame.

This type of data also enables drill-downs to each unique visitor (and visitor sessions) as well as the fastest real-time segmentation available today.

It was designed for marketing managers that require robust content analysis, scenario analysis, profile mining, onsite search, multi-site analytics, graphical clickstream analysis, and promotional effectiveness.

Leveraging the “raw” data (instead of aggregated data) for all online analysis will enable the online marketing manager to be completely flexible with every analysis, correlating together any pieces of information. Using “real-time” data enables the marketing manager to get answers to ROI questions by performing queries instantly on any past data.

A sampling of clients include Allianz, Esprit, Siemens, Flatex, Map24, Bosch, and Die Zeit.


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