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Ve Interactive is an online efficiency solutions provider, operating in the abandonment space of web analytics, specialising in lead generation and conversion technologies with it’s VeCapture and VeContact software.

Simple and quick to install, VeCapture operates like a black box on a web site, capturing all data entered at field level, even if a customer abandons or closes their browser down. If these leads are then combined with the VeContact email engine, they can swiftly (and responsibly) be re-marketed to and potentially converted to sales before the customer goes off spending elsewhere online.

Failure metrics are rarely addressed with web sites, but actually leads from shopping cart abandonments are potentially highly lucrative. Digital shopping is a lifestyle choice now and the industry average for online abandonment mid transaction is over 60 percent, Marketing Sherpa. (A recent Forrester survey actually finds it to be a staggering 88 percent! This is probably due to the rise on comparison shopping). They also found that 46 percent of abandoners convert when they are remarketed to. Yet only 42 percent of online companies say that they have poor or low level knowledge of their customers’ behavioural merchandising, (PMP).


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