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Unica Corporation provides enterprise marketing management software to financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality industries worldwide. The company’s software consists of seven modules: Campaign, Marketing Operations, Detect, Leads, NetInsight, CustomerInsight, and PredictiveInsight. The Campaign module allows marketing organizations to create, test, and execute customer interaction strategies across outbound and inbound touch points. The Marketing Operations module provides marketing operations and resource management capabilities that help marketers define, co-ordinate, monitor, control, and measure marketing program activities. The Detect module monitors high-volumes of transactional data to identify changes in behavior over time that signal a need to interact with a customer for sales or service opportunities. The Leads module enables marketers to manage the qualification, distribution, and maturation of leads between marketing activities and multiple sales channels. The NetInsight module collects, analyzes, and reports on Web site activity. The CustomerInsight module provides analytics for marketing performance management and cross-channel customer analysis through a visually intuitive interface. The PredictiveInsight module enables marketing organizations to automate the creation of predictive models to determine customer response propensities, recognize customers at risk of attrition, identify customer behaviors, analyze customer attributes and preferences, discover cross-selling opportunities, and forecast customer value. The company also provides implementation, training, consulting, maintenance, and technical support services. It offers its software through a direct sales force, as well as through alliances with marketing service providers, distributors, and systems integrators. The company was incorporated in 1992 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.


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