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Founded in 2009, Sociomantic Labs empowers advertisers with a real-time and personalized system that delivers increased and transparent performance. Simply put, the company makes display advertising more intelligent. Sociomantic is a market leader in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and helps marketers drive incremental sales and grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) using today’s most advanced display advertising techniques, including: real-time retargeting and prospecting, stream-based data management, and dynamic ad personalization. These technologies allow Sociomantic’s clients to reach new and existing customers with individually priced and personalized display ads. Real-time reporting enables clients to see results just milliseconds after they happen. All of these technologies work together to deliver unmatched performance on a global scale, with a dedication to exceptionally high standards of service delivered from offices in Berlin, London, Warsaw, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Madrid, Mumbai, and New York City.


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