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Refined Labs

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Refined Labs is developing an Online Marketing Toolbox that helps agencies, direct SEM advertisers as well as affiliates to optimize their ROI on advertising money spent.

Refined Labs was founded by Thomas Bindl in early 2007 and got a first round of financing from Holtzbrinck eLAB in late 2007.

The first product, Refined Ads, is a fully integrated toolset to manage and optimize Performance Marketing campaigns. It has interfaces for PPC (Google AdWords, Yahoo SearchMarketing, Microsoft AdCenter, Yandex and Baidu), Affiliate Marketing (Zanox, TradeDoubler and affilinet), display marketing, social media and SEO. It is considered Germany’s leading performance marketing technology.

Clients include Opodo, Sixt, T-Mobile, experteer as well as leading agencies like metapeople, blue summit, PLAN.NET or OMG4CE.


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