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ReTargeter is a full service display provider specializing in advanced retargeting solutions. Our retargeting technology serves ads to an audience as broad or as specific as a company’s business objectives require. We can serve ads only to users who have previously shown interest in a company (for example, by visiting the website) and bring them back to the website by keeping the brand top of mind.

ReTargeter allows companies to show ads to users around the web after they leave a website, open an email or are tagged in another creative way. With our expansive network reach we can display ads on billions of websites, helping people engage or re-engage with the company. Our core retargeting technology can be utilized on its own, or in a number of ready to deploy ReTargeter products.

We can target users at all points of the engagement funnel. In addition to bringing back previous visitors to a website, we are experts at driving initial traffic by targeting ads to a relevant audience.


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