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Pulse 360 in an online advertising and marketing network based in Getzville, New York. The company was originally founded in October of 1999 under the name Kanoodle. The company reaches over 65% of online users monthly and also reaches 141 million unique visitors across over 1000 websites. The ad distribution is centered on highly visited national and local news sites across the United States. Sites include,,, and Pulse 360 was originally launched under the name in October of 1999 and was founded by Kent Keating. Kanoodle specialized in search targeted sponsored links and eventually branched out into content targeted sponsored links in January of 2004. The content targeted sponsored links program was renamed Pulse 360 in August of 2006 . In December of 2009, Pulse 360 became one of the first companies to pass the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Click Measurement Guidline’s Audit after Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Pulse 360 is an Network Advertising Initiative member and compliant with the IAB/NAI Code of Conduct . They are DAA Self Regulatory Principles compliant for online behavioral advertising. Pulse360 added retargeting capabilities to their list of advertising services in July of 2011 Pulse360 maintains relationships with hundreds of online publishers primarily in the news space.,,, Cox Media and USAToday inventory are included in its publisher network.


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