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PubNub is a Globally Distributed Real-Time Network offering the core building-blocks needed to build and scale real-time apps and websites dramatically reducing the cost, complexity, and time to deliver large-scale real-time experiences.

Built for Real-Time Spanning eleven datacenters on five continents, we are the only globally distributed and redundant network designed from the ground up to power real-time communication in mobile and desktop applications.

Real-Time, Right Now Provides the core services you need for any real-time app, including one-to-one (unicast) and one to everyone (broadcast) data streaming, presence, storage and playback of streams and much more with an easy to use API.

Fast, Reliable and Secure Instantly get real-time functionality on any device without long development times, expensive implementations and disruptive reliability issues, all protected by solid security.

Over 50 SDKs The PubNub Real-Time Network supports over 50 SDKs including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, C# and many more.

  • 1000’s of Developers trust PubNub to deliver real-time data with 100’s more signing up every month
  • Tested and proven to scale on demand on real world apps for customers like Viggle and Rebtel, serving millions of messages a second
  • 100% Cloud based with no deployment necessary and no complicated infrastructure to manage
  • Instant access to the real-time services you need including 1-to-1 messaging, broadcast messaging, in-app presence detection, Storage and Playback of streams and real-time traffic visualization. Specialties Real-Time, In-App Presence, 1-to-1 Messaging, Storage/Playback Service of Streams, Broadcast Messaging, Mobile Push Notifications, Real-Time Traffic Visualization, AES Encryption, SSL Encryption


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