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PollDaddy is a service that provides polling widgets for blogs, websites, and social networks. PollDaddy has recently entered a partnership with Piczo to provide poll services to their 30 million users. Piczo users now have our entire poll making facilities built right into their Piczo profile editor.

Apart from basic polls, PollDaddy aims to provide a fuller suite of data-collecting widgets. PollDaddy distributes a new online survey tool and a more generic form generator that is capable of making contact forms. They offer a nifty quiz generator as well. All of these new embeddable tools will build upon the success of the company’s ubiquitous poll widget, which has attracted 70,000 users and is viewed across the web 70 million times per month.

There are eleven choice of skins for widgets as well as the ability for users to enter their own custom CSS and blend the widget with their site. Users can then getthe code and paste it into blog posts or sidebars or as a direct link to the poll on PollDaddy. Users can export data as XML, CSV and subscribe to results via RSS. They can also create multi question, multi page surveys with their new advanced survey editor.


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