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PERFORM reaches and engages mass audiences through progressive sports media.

At the heart of its business lies the industry-leading perspective on how to commercialise sports content across digital platforms. Its white-Label, Client-Branded, and Direct-to-Consumer channels generate revenue through a dynamic mix of content distribution, subscription and media sales.

PERFORM was formed in 2007 by the merger of Premium TV, the leading provider of web and mobile solutions to the sports sector and Inform Group, the leading digital sports rights agency.

The rationale was clear; by joining forces, PERFORM could create a unique blend of Core Competencies and become a leading sports media business with a mix of its own white-label and direct-to-consumer channels. PERFORM is a trusted partner to over 220 high profile businesses worldwide.

PERFORM has over 450 staff worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, PERFORM has offices in central London, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Australia, India and USA and is jointly owned by its management and Access Industries.


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