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Perfect Storm Media

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Perfect Storm Media was founded in 2005 with a simple goal in mind; to convert advertising expenses into sales commission on completed sales.

Perfect Storm Media solves 2 major problems in the search engine marketing industry: 1) “Pay-per-click” pricing and misaligned agency incentives 2) We eliminate manual work involved with running effective “long-tail” search campaigns

We will typically run 3 to 6 million individual keywords, each with individually tailored ads. They are then set to bid using our bidding algorithm, which uses both historical data and a predictive algorithm to optimize search results. Our value comes from driving efficiency out of the Google Adwords system, not inserting another layer of software, analysis, or agency cost into the system.

We will typically reduce CPA’s by 20% and increase long-tail, non-brand conversions by 50-60% within a few months time, all while working alongside the existing SEM resources at large advertisers.


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