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Perfect Market, Inc. is the leading provider of digital publishing software solutions for driving traffic, engagement and revenue. Our products and services are utilized by over 200 premium publishers, including,,, and

Perfect Market’s primary product offering is the Digital Publishing Suite, a comprehensive set of tools that address content recirculation, social discovery, search engine optimization, on-site promotions and ad optimization. These tools enable digital publishers to dynamically adapt the experience for each user in real-time, thereby improving the user experience on site and optimizing publisher efforts to drive users towards relevant actions. Perfect Market also offers Audience Development consulting services for publishers looking to augment our software solutions.

Idealab founded Perfect Market in 2007 to build upon its achievements in search technology, which includes the creation of the paid search model through Overture Services (acquired by Yahoo! in 2003). In 2008, Perfect Market acquired Media River for its semantic analysis capabilities and fundamental patents covering a broad range of applications. Perfect Market is headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices in New York City, San Francisco and Bangalore, India, and has raised nearly $30M in from Comcast Ventures, Idealab, Rustic Canyon Ventures, Tribune Company and Trinity Ventures.


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