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Peer39 has developed proprietary semantic advertising technology that provides page level intelligence that accurately and efficiently matches online ads to content. The company’s patented natural language processing and machine learning algorithms are able to derive Quality, Safety, Language, and Category attributes from web pages, thus empowering networks, exchanges, publishers, SSPs, DSPs and emerging advertising platforms to boost monetization.

By processing tens of thousands of URLs per second and enabling over 3 billion ad requests daily, Peer39 provides a cookie-less data solution built to address the real-time needs of today’s online advertising ecosystem. Headquartered in New York City, Peer39 maintains a research and development center in Israel. Peer39 Labs conducts primary research in semantic analysis and targeting technologies resulting in numerous patents covering its technology and business practices.

Peer39 is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Council for Accountable Advertising, and is an OnMedia Top 100 winner and was chosen by MIT’s Technology Review as one of 10 Web Startups to Watch. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @SemanticizeMe.


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