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Their corporate mission is to be the leading provider of local news, information and services in the strategically located markets by continually expanding and leveraging their news gathering resources. They will proactively identify and develop strategic partnerships and relationships to enhance their content and services while integrating our content for dissemination across all available distribution platforms in our markets, starting with the local newspaper. They will continually strive to improve their profitability, while being a strong community partner and strengthening their work environment for their employees.

MediaNews Group is one of the largest newspaper companies in the United States situated throughout California, the Rocky Mountain region and the Northeast. They are privately owned and operate 54 daily newspapers in 11 states with combined daily and Sunday circulation of approximately 2.4 million and 2.7 million, respectively. Each of their newspapers maintains a Web site focused on local news content. These Web sites are hosted by MediaNews Group Interactive, their new media division. They also own a television station, a CBS affiliate in Anchorage, AK and operate radio stations in Texas.


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