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The MediaMind campaign management platform helps advertisers and agencies to deploy and optimize their advertising budgets across multiple digital media channels and formats. Reach Using MediaMind, advertisers are able to serve ads into thousands of certified publishers globally and to reach hundreds of millions of unique users. Our solutions are delivered through a proven technology infrastructure that allows delivery of digital media advertising campaigns of any size. Engage MediaMind empowers marketers to engage consumers online with impact and efficiency. Advertisers can provide highly immersive experiences across multiple digital channels including online, mobile, rich media, in-stream video, display and search. MediaMind is committed to developing innovative standard and rich media ad formats and interactive features for all channels to drive engagement and innovative creative performance. Optimize Heavily data driven, the MediaMind platform constantly analyzes and improves campaign performance. MediaMind Analytics are designed to be truly actionable with the ability to identify, track, and report complex user interactions. Users can interpret performance data at a glance, act on them immediately, and make sure cross-channel campaigns are always relevant and impactful.


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