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LiveHelpNow is focused on providing solutions to online commerce.

These solutions include web based tools that enable a small business to provide the same or better service than their often bigger and better financed competitors.

We know the small business market, have spent years managing sales and customer service operations and have applied that to LiveHelpNow suite of products.

We have designed, priced and delivered to ensure your business grows by using LiveHelpNow.

Solutions Your Website is the primary face of your business. Every day visitors arrive to your website. …BUT… How many of them become customers? This in large depends on how quickly and effectively you can assist them with any questions they might have about your service or product. LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software has you covered with its powerful line of online and offline products and services.

Live Chat System Extremely Affordable, award-winning live chat software

Help your website visitors when they are lost or have questions, stand out in the competitive marketplace by providing superior customer service with latest Proactive Live Chat technologies powered by LiveHelpNow

Ticket System Organize and streamline all your email communications into one easy to use email management system

Manage your email communications in style with easy to use interface and fully customizable business rules.

Use Ticket System on your web site for everything from bug tracking and customer support to project management and to-do lists.

Easily convert resolved tickets to knowledge base articles.

Support System Powerful and versatile knowledge management system

LiveHelpNow Support System (Knowledge management suite) helps your company share information with your customers or employees on company public website or intranet with a professional-grade seachable, customizable and brandable knowledge base plarform, substantially reducing the number of customer support inquiries, improving staff productivity and dramatically reducing time your staff or customers spend now searching for information across multiple systems such as poorly organized websites, shared folders and paper documents.


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