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Kontera understands the world’s content, and dynamically activates brands’ owned content, advertising, social or supportive organic content for optimal results.

The Kontera content activation platform analyzes and correlates more than 400 million daily “conversations” and content views, in real-time, across 15,000 exclusive publishers and the majority of the comScore top 1,000 sites. Kontera’s platform understands web-wide “conversations” and current interest trends, and it uses this information to activate the ideal brand content within Display, Mobile and Social environments.

The company reaches more than 170 million consumers each month. Top advertisers such as Chrysler, GM, Kraft, P&G and Microsoft rely on Kontera to deliver unique and engaging brand experiences.

Kontera is backed by Sequoia Capital, Carmel Ventures, and Tenaya Capital and has offices in San Francisco, Atlanta Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tel Aviv. To learn more about Kontera visit: or follow:,


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