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JumpTime offers a comprehensive business optimization platform for media companies and marketers. JumpTime tools, such as Traffic Valuator put actionable data directly into the hands of product owners, audience development teams and editors.

At the core of JumpTime;s products are sophisticated proprietary algorithms that calculate the exact value of a website’s content in real time. Using this data, JumpTime has built a suite of applications designed to help business’s better understand the actual dollar value of their content.

With this information, ROI -driven decisions can be effectivly made including:

  • What is the ROI of my traffic-acquisition campaign?
  • What design choices help me reach my business goals?
  • What content delivers the most value for the company?
  • How should I allocate my company’s resources?

Founded as a professional services firm, JumpTime began by offering strategic engagement and traffic optimization consulting to some of the largest and most influential media companies. The idea to develop a platform emerged as their founders (who have real-world experience managing and growing online audience engagement for companies like MTV, Nickelodeon, Virgin Interactive, Unilever and Yahoo!) realized they could best use their insights by turning their tools over to their clients. Their clients could then apply these insights to their daily operations.

Jumptime’s technology draws from the fields of econometrics, data mining, machine learning and financial engineering. Their team includes leading academics, engineers and media experts.


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