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Jivox technology enables agencies, brand advertisers and publishers to deliver highly engaging video advertisements — yielding significant uplift to campaign performance via interactive and social sharing widgets. Paired with advanced targeting, optimization and campaign tracking, Jivox provides an unparalleled video advertising solution.

Advertisers and agencies run video ads on the premium Jivox Online Video Ad Network which has an available reach of over 160 million monthly unique visitors (According to comScore’s MediaMetrix, November 2010) and is comprised of top websites ensuring that every ad reaches the intended audience online, on mobile phones, like the iPhone, and tablet devices, like the iPad.

Jivox’s powerful, real-time analytics platform, BrandGage, allows brand advertisers to get instant visibility into end-user engagement and provide actionable insight from many user interactions. Jivox’s interactive video ads are fully compatible with mobile devices l advertisers can reach the audience they want

In turn, Publishers license and use the Jivox platform to deliver video ads on their own web properties for their clients and manage all aspects of ad operations through an easy-to-use web based interface. Jivox provides real-time campaign performance tracking for advertisers and operational performance tracking for publishers. The end result is a better-informed, more engaged customer, improved ad performance and ultimately higher ROI on video ad campaigns.


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