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IPONWEB is a world leader in the development and operation of sophisticated online advertising and media trading technology.

The company focuses on helping companies globally take advantage of Real Time Bidding (RTB) by engineering customized solutions tailored around a clients unique business opportunity. Their product and services suite represent ‘best of breed’ components for building ad exchange, supply side (SSP) and buy side (DSP) platforms. These products include: Ad-serving, Data Processing, Big Data Analytics, Machine learning (Predictive Modeling) and Optimization / Algorithm design. All technology and services are provisioned in the cloud and specifically engineering for large volume, scalable, real-time operations.

The company has a long and unique history pioneering innovation in the development of ad exchange and online advertising technology platforms, having performed much of the engineering for the Right Media platform, from 2004 - 2007, before it was acquired by Yahoo. IPONWEB’s current customers include leading Agency Trading Desks, DSP’s, SSP’s, DMP’s and Ad exchanges across the America’s, Europe and Asia.


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