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HiConversion represents the cutting-edge in conversion rate optimization. Founded in 2006 and developed over a period of years by a team of technologists and scientists, our e-OptimizerTM solution is comprised of both patented and patent-pending modules that elevate the promise of incremental revenue generation associated with testing, targeting, and personalization to heights never before experienced by e-commerce merchants. HiConversion delivers results 10x to 100x faster, without revenue risk or technical complexity, and does so while concurrently delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.

The company’s market opportunity is fueled by an historic shift in advertising from traditional to online media. While a great deal of time and money has been dedicated to increasing website traffic, until now converting this increased traffic into useful business activity has been left unmanaged. HiConversion has produced the fastest and easiest to use multivariate optimization solution in the marketplace today. Delivered as a pure SaaS service, e-OptimizerTM sets the standard for e-commerce website optimization that makes it easy for marketing and e-commerce professionals to quickly increase their web page conversion rates without the risk and pain of traditional solutions.


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