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Optimization and Personalization

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Gannett Media Technologies International

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GMTI was established in 1994 to develop, host and support web-based technology solutions for the publishing industry. Our main office is located near downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Formerly it was the headquarters of InfiNet Co., a Gannett, Knight-Ridder and Landmark Communications Co. partnership formed in the early '90s to focus on emerging Internet and web technologies. Gannett became the sole owner in 2003 and merged InfiNet with GMTI. A similar merger of the Celebro company—a pioneer in the development of online reverse publishing for real estate advertising—opened GMTI's office in Cincinnati, now located on the 20th floor of The Cincinnati Enquirer. Our Phoenix office is co-located at The Arizona Republic, and several GMTI team members work from offices at other Gannett newspapers and TV stations.


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