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Optimization and Personalization

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Social Project

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Flux is an open platform that allows websites and bloggers to add community tools to their sites. Parent company SocialProject (formerly <a href="" title="TagWorld">TagWorld</a>) joined with Viacom to create Flux. The Flux Platform was built specifically to enable social media distribution for publishers of all shapes and sizes, from influencial bloggers to large media companies.

Platform features are interchangeable and can be connected in a variety of ways, including Flux-hosted webpages, APIs, and widgets. In essence, Flux helps websites get more views by offering three tools that will help promote the site while making the site more interesting to viewers. The three tools are fshare, Flux Custom, and Flux Lite. At the moment only fshare is available. Flux custom and Flux Lite will be available some time in December. fshare is a widget that you place on your website; this widget allows anyone who visits your site to distribute your site’s content across the web. fshare will allow content seen on social networks such as MySpace as well as other flux communities.

<a href="" title="Ning">Ning</a> remains the primary competitor.


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