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Flite is an online advertising technology company based in San Francisco, CA. The platform allows brands, agencies and publishers to create ads that are as dynamic as the Web.

To date, the start-up has raised $27 million in funding from venture capitalists including Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. The company is headed by CEO Will Price and co-founder Giles Goodwin.

Flite delivers ad innovation at scale to the world’s top publishers and brands. Marketers use the self-service Flite Platform to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering differentiated ad products that engage their audiences. The Flite Platform serves, updates, and measures advertising in real-time and integrates web applications directly into online ad units fueling digital advertising innovation at scale. Flite enables marketers to be agile, and respond immediately to real-time performance metrics and daily events by updating their paid media creatives with relevant content and functionality.

Based in San Francisco with offices in New York City and Chicago, Flite is backed by Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, NCD Investors, Harrison Metal, and Condé Nast. For more information, please visit


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