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ExoClick is a Barcelona-based online advertising company, which provides online advertising services to both advertisers and publishers all over the world.

ExoClick’s customers include advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners and publishers.

ExoClick started in December 2006 and immediately opened the service to the international market and reached 20 million impressions per day on average. In 2009, the company reached 200 million impressions per day.

During summer 2011, the company moved his office to the Torre Mapfre skyscraper situated in Barcelona, Spain. By September 2011 1.7 billion ad impressions per day were served by the servers of the company. By November 2011 it was among the top 500 in Alexa traffic rankings. The same year, BuiltWith listed ExoClick as the 2nd fastest growing advertising technology in the world.


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