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Digital First Media is one of the largest media groups in the U.S., serving high-value audiences and connecting advertisers to them. ———————————————– “National Scale. Local Activation.” ———————————————–

DFM publishes award-winning content (48 Pulitzers) that amasses and engages a nationwide audience via 800 multi-media platforms including web, mobile, social, and print.

Some of our most trusted community brands include:

  • San Jose Mercury News (Bay Area)
  • The Denver Post
  • Los Angeles Daily News (LANG)
  • The Salt Lake Tribune
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • The New Haven Register

Digital First Media, as our name implies, is transforming the news industry.

Digital First Media partners with advertisers to provide targeted, (retargeted), and engaged audiences from coast to coast - including each of the top-100 DMAs. DFM also provides custom marketing programs that allow advertisers to reach consumers on over 250 websites and in 75 daily & Sunday local newspapers.

In addition, DFM owns AdTaxi, an exclusive program with the ability to reach 95% of the U.S. wired population with tier-1 positioning. Specialties

News & Information, General News, Digital, Newspaper


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