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Optimization and Personalization

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Comm100 Network Corporation

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Comm100 Live Chat is a professional live support solution that enables businesses or organizations to communicate with their website visitors in real time so as to improve conversions, sales and customer satisfaction.

Comm100 Live Chat can be used by the sales team as an effective way to identify and convert potential customers, as well as by the support team to address customers’ concerns in real time and provide superior customer service.

First released on August 5th, 2009, Comm100 Live Chat has now grown to be an established product with over 100,000 registered business users around the world. Comm100 Live Chat is ranked top 3 in “2013 Best Enterprise Chat Software” on TopTenReviews.

Key Features of Comm100 Live Chat Include:

• Real-time visitor monitoring and tracking • Efficient online chat tools • Fully customizable chat buttons and windows • Intelligent auto chat invitation • Team collaboration and communication • Insightful performance reports & analysis • Integration with other Comm100 products • Integration with third-party applications • Web, desktop and mobile apps


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