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ClickTale is the leader in Customer Experience Analytics, the next advance in web analytics, optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates of any website. Its patented Customer Experience Visualization™ technology allows ebusinesses to see their customers’ true-to-life online experience at all levels of detail, from aggregated views to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page. ClickTale, an enterprise-class SaaS solution, is fast to deploy and provides immediate ROI. Serving over 2,000 customers worldwide including Fortune 500 ebusinesses, ClickTale is the fastest growing company in its space. For more information, please visit

Primary Benefits

  • Optimize websites and landing pages
  • Maximize conversion rates and ROI
  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment
  • Discover and fix website issues
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Key features

Watch and download playable videos of your customers’ actual browsing behavior. See every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke.

Powerful Visual Heatmaps aggregate thousands of browsing sessions showing you where visitors look, where they click, where they skip and how far down they scroll.

Form Analytics helps increase your online forms’ conversion rates by revealing which fields take too long to fill, are often left blank, or cause your customers to leave.

Segment customers based on any browsing behavior or business process. See customers who abandoned your shopping cart, experienced errors, or could not find what they were looking for.


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