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Founded in 2009 by Marty Kagan and Julien Coulon, two veterans of web hosting and content delivery market, Cedexis optimizes web performance across data centers, delivery networks and clouds for companies that want to reach new global markets.

With Cedexis, companies can comparatively assess worldwide cloud performance and availability for informed vendor selection and making cost-and-performance tradeoffs.

Cedexis also provides adaptive automation for dynamically optimizing traffic across clouds, data centers and delivery networks to dynamically match the best-performing clouds with local demand.

Since revenue conversions and brand experience are directly tied to online performance, media, retail and consumer branded companies rely on Cedexis to ensure 100% availability, fast page loads, downloads and transactions to drive traffic and revenue at lower cost and risk.

Cedexis is headquartered in Portland (OR) and Paris (EMEA) with offices in San Francisco (CA), London (UK) and sales representatives in Germany, Japan, Israel and Brazil.


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