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Baynote provides personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers. With Baynote, you understand what buyers are looking for and engage them in the most relevant way – in the moment, whether they’re interacting with your brand on an ecommerce website, a smartphone, a tablet or through a digitally enabled in-store sales associate. Delivering a seamless customer experience using existing systems and technology requires new thinking. The Baynote Customer Experience Layer connects to all systems in the ecommerce environment, allowing you to manage and deliver consistent experiences across paid search landing pages, onsite search results pages, category, product and cart pages, chat interactions and email – seamlessly though a common SaaS solution. Baynote’s sophisticated capabilities allow retailers to deliver a superior consumer experience with great results. When shoppers click on Baynote recommendations, they convert to buyers 20% more frequently than those that don’t. The result is increased conversion and average order value; two of the most important KPIs that drive revenue. Based in San Jose, Calif., with offices in the U.K. and Germany, Baynote’s personalization solutions are trusted by over 300 of the most dynamic brands, including Anthropologie, Bluefly, Campbell’s, Dell, J. Crew, Jockey, Urban Outfitters and more.


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