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Optimization and Personalization

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AudienceRate Ltd

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AudienceRate is the first Audience Service Provider endowed with an owned platform for ‘Audience Data Management’ - ADM . Using owned algorithms of ‘Audience-census’ and ‘Behavioral-tracking’, beyond the access to a network with thousands of websites, Audience Rate is able to conduct a census in real time about the user at whom is wanted to be shown an advertising depending on the following parameters: 1) Socio demographic: gender, age range, geographic localization, etc. 2) Behavioral based on the style of navigation and access’s keyword which is the object of the navigation. The combination of the different parameters allows to the agencies and the advertisers to indentify theirs ‘Audience Groups’ which will be targeted regarding the campaign considering ‘the needs’ and ‘the taste’ of the target audience at whom it is referred the campaign itself.

In addition to the target identification considering the wanted parameters, the platform of AudienceRate allows furthermore to optimize the frequency curve of exposition depending on what it is desired from the agencies and/or the advertisers to reduce the dispersion that is usually in online campaigns on average more than 25% (around the 25% of the total of the delivered impressions it doesn’t have effectiveness compared to the objective)

The choice and the configuration of the target audience on one hand and the optimization of frequencies on the other allow to manage the own online plan in a GRP efficient logic.


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