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Adslot, a publicly traded Australian company (ASX: ADJ), has developed the Adslot Publisher platform to help online publishers increase ad revenues from premium, guaranteed media by streamlining the direct sales process. By automating the sales cycle, costs for publishers are reduced by up to 30% and salespeople have more time to focus on building relationships and generating new revenue streams.

Adslot Publisher’s intuitive, self-service interface features the ability to approve and reject advertisers before a campaign goes live, ensuring a publisher’s site quality and editorial integrity are never compromised. In addition, the platform includes an easy to use ad builder, Adslot Create, which provides advertisers a complete toolset to create custom banners that meet the publisher’s specifications. Currently, five of the world’s leading classified publishers in four countries use Adslot Publisher including The REA Group, Carsales and SeLoger.


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