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AdoTube connects consumers to brands by creating, delivering, and syndicating engaging in-stream ad units throughout our publisher network. We work directly with agencies and advertisers to create custom overlay ad units specifically designed to help them achieve their pre-determined campaign objectives. Through best-of-breed targeting technology coupled with extensive reach which exceeds a billion monthly impressions, AdoTube is able to deliver a unique and measurable ad campaign to our advertising partners.

AdoTube’s publisher base continues to grow as the video space matures. A major issue that publishers face is the need to generate revenue through online ad units, while maintaining a quality user experience. The in-stream ad unit is similar to what users see on television and when the message is delivered in an engaging and relevant format, the message not only provides a positive experience, but allows brands to connect with consumers in a non-obtrusive and meaningful way.

AdoTube is led by a seasoned team of internet professionals and is located in New York with offices in California and overseas. To learn more about AdoTube, or to become a partner, please see our solutions for advertisers, publishers and ad networks.


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