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Adcash Advertising Network, a fast growing international ad-serving platform, provides publishers and advertisers with highly targeted solutions & tools for profitable online campaigns.

Specializing in entertainment-related websites, Adcash’s portfolio comprises currently of over 70 000 premium websites that benefit from the company’s successful partnerships with a number of leading European online entertainment references.

With Adcash’s own technical ad delivery platform, publishers are able to enjoy comprehensive ad space management packages ensuring thus significant and recurring revenues. In like manner, advertisers are served reliably, sustainably and cost-effectively with the best traffic quality through a concise connection with the publisher network.

In addition to its simple and transparent adherence process, Adcash delivers world class customer support focused on meeting every client’s expectations and dedicated to working out innovative solutions for campaign optimization. For further accuracy and reach, the company has implemented a live online statistics tool to provide clients with relevant analysis and data monitoring at all times.

Through its efficient platform combined with accountable and timely processed payments, the company has created a trusted brand synonymous with excellence and innovation.


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