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Formerly AdSafe Media, we are now Integral Ad Science. Since launching the industry’s first preventative brand safety solution in 2009, powered by our constant growth and innovation, we have built a global media valuation platform that is integral to the buying and selling of quality media. Our media valuation platform is the only solution that scores and evaluates the brand safety, context, viewability and many other elements of web pages on an individual page level. Our revolutionary True Advertising Quality (TRAQ) Score measures overall ad placement quality, enabling ads to land in the right place, with a quality environment and exposure. Our Campaign ROI Solution measures individual publishers effects on a campaign’s conversion. We are continuously rolling out innovative solutions so check back frequently!

Integral is headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Sydney, and are expanding quickly. For more information visit, follow @integralads on Twitter, or join us on Facebook at


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