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AdChina operates the leading technology-driven integrated internet advertising platform in China. The platform comprises software and related services that effectively integrates advertisers with publishers and delivers advertisements across different ads formats and different internet access devices. The core component of the platform, the AdChina AdManager system, tracks available advertising space from publishers, processes orders from advertisers, analyzes audience data and matches advertisements to their target audience almost instantaneously across the entire range of AdChina’s publisher base. AdChina extended the reach of AdManager system by providing AdChina Demand Platform (ADP), a demand-side platform for advertising agencies and advertisers and AdChina Supply Platform (ASP), a supply-side platform for publishers that operate in online or mobile channels.

AdChina’s platform has access to over 30 billion[1] page views and reaches over 486 million[2] online unique visitors and 249 million[3] mobile internet users per month.

AdChina was founded in April 2007 in Silicon Valley, USA.

[1] AdChina platform data, Dec. 2011, including the traffic that ASP has access to [2] Third-party data, Dec. 2011 [3] AdChina platform data, Dec. 2011


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