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AT Internet’s decision-making solutions and services provide companies with an integral analysis of their performance and presence on all online digital platforms: the web, mobile and social media. A completely adaptable and ever-evolving solution, the AT Internet product range responds to the business challenges of the largest companies. The solution offers all of the features which are essential to carrying out an advanced analysis of your audience as standard, by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce monitoring, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, video tracking etc. including both desktop and mobile performance. The collected data will be displayed in the AT Internet web analytics tool which allows you to measure, structure, cross and segment online data providing you with the agility that is necessary for extracting decision-making information that is essential to your company’s competitiveness AT Internet’s social media monitoring tool “BuzzWatcher”, measures a company’s brand, product or competitor activity on all web 2.0 channels (social networks, video sharing platforms, blogs, information sites etc.). A sampling of clients:

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