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24/7 Real Media, Inc., a WPP company, provides digital display marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers globally. Behind every insight, there’s the experience of 18 offices in 12 countries, billions of global advertising impressions served every month and a stellar reputation as a leader in the digital marketing industry. 24/7 Real Media continues to empower advertisers and publishers to engage their audiences. With its award winning Open AdStream® ad management platform that powers its Global Web Alliance media network, 24/7 Real Media takes targeting, tracking, and analytics to the next level across digital media. The 24/7 Real Media Global Web Alliance reaches hundreds of millions of unique users every month. The media network the most advanced targeting capabilities, which include behavioral targeting, demographic targeting, daypart targeting, retargeting, geodemographic, and psychographic targeting. The Global Web Alliance also delivers advertising in any format, including the most advanced rich media and video formats. 24/7 Real Media introduced Open AdStream technology in 1995 and offered ad serving into applications in 1999. By 2000, 24/7 Real Media was serving ads into games and first implemented two-screen integrated ad delivery into DTV and Web. In September 2004, 24/7 Real Media developed Behavioral Targeting applications and a Behavioral Targeting Network. Advanced developments in prioritization and yield management, as well as automated yield management in Open AdStream were introduced in March 2005. On July 12th, 2007, WPP, the largest global communications groups, completed its acquisition of 24/7 Real Media. Regularly scheduling updates to its technology, 24/7 Real Media announced Open AdStream 11 for seamless online revenue optimization in 2011.


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