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Tealium is the global leader in Enterprise Tag Management and Data Distribution.

Among the biggest challenges in digital marketing and web analytics today is the expensive and time-consuming process of deploying and managing 3rd party online vendors – also known as tags. Along with impacting marketing efficiency and results, tags also slow down website performance. Tealium’s market-leading enterprise tag management platform boosts web site performance, and helps increase digital marketing speed and agility by giving business users an easy way to add, modify or remove digital marketing vendor tags without having to know JavaScript language, and without ongoing assistance from IT. In addition, Tealium’s solution enables marketers and analysts to correlate the data those tags generate into an actionable source, and empower their big data initiatives via DataCloud.

DataCloud offers users the most powerful and efficient method for managing all of your visitor-centric data. Comprised of two components — EventStream and AudienceStream — DataCloud provides an actionable source of visitor-centric data for marketers and analysts, while improving data collection and standardization. AudienceStream creates a centralized location for all site and visitor level data. Digital marketers can easily create user profiles and audiences, discovery their value through analysis and take action by engaging them in real time through our Distribute platform. In addition EventStream provides a right-time stream of visitor level data to empower big data initiatives. The result is a omni-channel closed-loop segmentation and action engine.

Some of the largest brands in the world, including Sony, US Airways, Travelocity, Fox, A&E Networks, Nokia, Urban Outfitters, The Wall Street Journal, Volvo, Lenovo and many more, rely on Tealium’s tag management platform because of its superior technology and marketing friendly approach that favors point-and-click usability over JavaScript coding to manage the complex tags. Tealium delivers turnkey integration with over 550 vendors, as well as robust enterprise tag management capabilities including mobile and video tagging, privacy compliance, data validation and testing, enterprise data management, and much more.

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