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Switch Concepts provides cloud based, managed services that increase a publisher’s online revenues. Switch helps publishers transition to data driven publishing with dramatically greater user engagement, higher traffic and increased revenue per user. At its core Switch has a massively scalable, high availability, real-time decision engine which is integrated to big data analytics tools and automated trading. A publisher’s own data, third party data, and analysis of trading/user behaviour are used to choose the content that is most relevant to an individual user – automating the auction, selection and transaction.

To date, Switch has applied this platform to online display advertising and marketing. Switch’s real-time decision engine outperforms today’s adservers and fully integrates real-time bidding (RTB) – enabling direct, ad network and RTB sales to compete for each impression. Switch is the first Holistic Adserving Solution. Trading Analytics are fed back into the decision engine which can access data from multiple sources during its decision including the dynamic floor prices and target audience segments output from Switch’s big data tools.

Switch works on behalf of publishers: exposing their ad inventory (and extensions to include third party inventory) to the maximum level of competing demand; managing floor prices to optimize revenue; and, making full use of data whilst protecting it from leakage.

Ask about our use cases and speak to our clients – we make publishers more money whilst improving the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns and ROI.


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