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SLI Systems develops learning-based search and navigation technology for publishers, ecommerce and corporate sites that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience.

SLI’s patented Learning Search technology takes relevance a step further by learning from visitors’ behavior over time to deliver more relevant results, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and more sales, while reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information that can positively impact other marketing activities.

SLI also offers a version of Learning Search called Learning Search Ecommerce, an Ecommerce Site Search product that is designed specifically for sites who sell products online and require advanced product merchandising.

SLI’s Site Champion is a user-generated search engine optimization (SEO) service that automatically optimizes pages for search engine spiders (eg Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc), increasing a site’s chances of ranking in natural searches for various keywords and driving more online traffic.

SLI’s Learning Navigation dynamically builds site navigation pages by creating product groups or ‘facets’ to show similar products together allowing customers a powerful way to merchandise products and information.


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