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Needle offers the leading sales chat platform for web, social and mobile commerce.

Leveraging innovative cloud-sourced and @anywhere technology, Needle offers brand advocates (either yours, or ones we gather for you) as chat agents who know and love your products. Needle’s one-of-a-kind interactive, socially connected chat tools allow your chat agents to wow customers with knowledge and personal attention, lifting AOV, lifetime loyalty and value while increasing ROI.

Needle Mobile allows customers to scan a QR or bar code and instantly talk to a product expert from anywhere–including a brick & mortar store.

“You’ve been shopping before online and have probably got to the point where you said “I wish I could talk to someone about this.

That’s what we do.

We have built an application that lets us help people find the right product while they are shopping online. To do this, we combine chat and our demonstration tools to provide as close to an ‘in-store’ shopping experience online. And even IN a store, we can make the experience better with our mobile solutions!”

Morgan Lynch, Needle CEO.


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