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As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, ForeSee continuously measures satisfaction and delivers powerful insights on where to prioritize improvements for maximum impact. ForeSee applies its trusted technology across channels and customer touch points, including websites, call centers, brick-and-mortar locations, mobile experiences, and social media interactions. Because ForeSee’s proven methodology measures satisfaction in a manner that is predictive of customer loyalty, purchase behavior, future financial success, and even stock prices, executives and managers are able to drive future success by confidently prioritizing the efforts that they know will achieve business goals. Working across the public and private sectors, with deep expertise in a range of business and consumer industries, ForeSee combines the best in customer satisfaction measurement, proven predictive analytics, actionable usability analysis, and rich observational data to work with large and small organizations around the world. The result of measuring success through the customers’ eyes is better outcomes for businesses and a better experience for consumers.


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