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Ensighten’s enterprise tag management solutions enable the world’s largest businesses to manage their websites more effectively. Ensighten’s industry-leading tag management platform replaces hundreds of lines of code per web page with a single line of code. Its easy-to-use web interface empowers marketers to quickly add, remove or manage any third-party digital marketing service – such as web analytics tags or advertising conversion tracking pixels.

Ensighten’s proprietary high-performance global Tag Delivery Network served over 60 billion tags in 2011 to over 13,000 web domains, accelerating page load times and handling more than $16 billion in eCommerce for customers including Sony, Microsoft Stores, Monster, A&E Networks, LendingTree and Lenovo.

Ensighten was founded by CEO Josh Manion in 2009 to solve the complexity of managing third-party marketing services on websites. Since then, Ensighten has been instrumental in establishing the enterprise tag management space. The company moved from Chicago to the heart of Silicon Valley in September 2010, coming out of “stealth” mode and announcing its product, Ensighten Manage, with five customers at the time.

Ensighten’s founders have been leaders in the web analytics industry for over a decade and bring an unmatched depth of experience to address the most difficult enterprise tag management challenges. With its patent-pending technology and team of innovative leaders, Ensighten is now leading the way to a streamlined, stress-free tagging future.


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