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[[File:underdog-media.png|thumb|Underdog Media Logo]]
[[File:underdog-media.png|thumb|Underdog Media Logo]]
== Tag Category ==
== Tag Category ==
[[:Category:Optimization and Personalization|Optimization and Personalization]]
[[:Category:Ad Network|Ad Network]]
== Product By ==
== Product By ==

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Underdog Media Logo


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Ad Network

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Underdog Media

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Based in Santa Barbara, California, Underdog Media was founded in 2007 by Shayne Mihalka, a former executive at ValueClick Media and

The proprietary ad serving technology was carefully designed to be simple to use, efficient, flexible and performance-driven. Underdog’s system features advanced campaign controls, optimization tools, site and channel targeting opportunities, and real-time data.

Underdog Media delivers both direct response and branding initiatives for marketers utilizing staff expertise, smart ad call, and real-time technology to produce top results for advertisers and publishers.

In addition, Underdog Media offers a host of rich media and creative services to increase conversion for advertisers, while growing ad space revenue for network publishers.


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