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Tag Category

Search Optimization and Personalization

Product By

Mercent Corporation

Tag Description

Mercent Retail Shopping maximizes online retailers’ product visibility across multiple shopping portals, comparison shopping engines, and affiliate networks while minimizing advertising costs. With Mercent Retail Shopping, you have complete visibility and control over all aspects of your CSE product listings including CPC bids, product assortment, categorization, merchandising offers and ad content.

The Mercent Retail platform removes the challenges of creating data feeds with different requirements for every channel, allowing you to focus on analyzing and optimizing your performance across channels.

Mercent Retail Shopping Benefits

  • Improved product visibility: timely, complete, accurate product data feeds, combined with advanced category mapping tools, increase click-to-order conversions

  • Product-level Insight: real-time account dashboard and comprehensive reports provide unparalleled understanding of campaign performance down to individual SKUs. Customize to track a wide range of marketing, financial, and operational retail metrics

  • Maximum revenue and profitability: use the knowledge gained from the analytic reports to drive down costs and boost revenues. Set automated filters to remove products based on business criteria such as inventory levels, profitability margins and sales performance

  • Broader reach: integrate just once with Mercent Retail and then easily send feeds to multiple comparison shopping sites without worrying about technical specifications or additional feed requirements

Mercent Retail Shopping supports more than 50 comparison shopping sites and affiliate networks, including:

Amazon Product Ads CNET Shopper Commission Junction Google Product Search HGTV LinkShare Microsoft Live Search CashBack MSN Shopping NexTag Performics Pricegrabber Shopzilla Smarter Yahoo Shopping Where2GetIt


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