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KeyMetric® analytics makes it quick and easy to track, measure, and evaluate your mobile, online, social, and traditional advertising effectiveness. Increase visits, engagements, and sales ROI while putting an end to wasted advertising dollars.

Sign up for KeyMetric adTrax today, and in a matter of minutes, you will have up-to-the-minute visibility to engagement and conversion data, including phone calls, across your entire marketing investment. Track every visitor, conversion, event, and telephone call back to the unique campaign, source, keyword, and search term.

Anytime, anywhere, and from any device - KeyMetric adTrax gives you intelligent insight to your advertising effectiveness by giving you “smart data,” - eliminating big data to make quick, cost-responsible marketing decisions. Access standard reports online, build and share custom reports in mere seconds, and easily distribute customized information across your entire team and organization.


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