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isocket builds tech for direct ad sales.

Most of the money in online ads is from deals done directly between advertisers and publishers - NOT through black box ad networks like Google and RTB. But the tools and process for direct deals is incredibly antiquated and manual. That’s why isocket exists.

Hand selected publishers (like TechCrunch) use isocket to manage their in-house, self-service, and programmatic direct ad sales. Check it out: is an open catalog of thousands of premium websites that advertisers can search through and buy directly from in minutes. BuyAds Pro is a white label app built on our API for larger marketers and agencies.

Once a deal is made, isocket can handle things like order management, scheduling, invoicing and credit cards, serving, reporting, and so on.

isocket was also the first company to offer programmatic direct sales, the Class 1 equivalent of what Real Time Bidding is for Class 2 remnant inventory.


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