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Decibel Insight

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Decibel Insight provides a powerful way for web analysts, digital marketers and conversion rate optimisers to investigate why visitors, subscribers and customers do what they do on a website – so you can fix problems, improve UX and increase conversion. Our easy-to-implement enterprise-class solution comprises:

  • Advanced video-style user replay – a true replay unique in showing dynamic content, page loading issues and Javascript errors
  • Advanced heatmaps – with content attribution so you can identify what drives conversion
  • Advanced form analysis – identifies visitors who experienced each scenario / tracks over multiple visits
  • Advanced segmentation – create simple or complex ‘user scenarios’ or import your segments
  • Features work seamlessly on all responsive, mobile and tablet devices
  • Integrates with AB/MVT testing tools and works on prototypes as well as live websites

Similar but more modern than IBM Tealeaf and Clicktale, we have supercharged our technology to provide more accurate insight. Topped with an impressive interface and user experience of its own, with Decibel Insight spend less time making better decisions.

Decibel Insight's groundbreaking visual analytics technology introduces the most advanced, innovative and accurate visitor replay, form analytics and heatmapping in the world.

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