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Crowd Factory

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Crowd Factory is a social marketing platform that helps companies significantly increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives with powerful social marketing amplifiers.

The platform consists of 3 primary components: 1) A complete suite of social marketing apps such as CrowdShare Widgets, Social Sweepstakes and Contests, Polls, Voting, Group Offers and Flash Deals 2) Powerful analytics and dashboards that give you the ability to see what is and isn’t working so you can easily test, measure, refine and repeat marketing programs 3) And a Social Database that accumulates in the background as the influencers and their social networks interact with your company.

Crowd Factory’s social amplifiers work across all online channels, including major social networks like Facebook, email, landing pages, display ads and more. Their innovative applications enable companies of all sizes to dramatically increase new customer acquisition, drive loyalty and engagement, and amplify brand awareness. Customers include leading B2B and B2C companies such as HBO, Universal, Billboard, The Golf Channel, Sony and McAfee.


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